What is CoBOS?

The CoBOS business operating system ensures that your teams always know exactly what they need to do and when. It makes sure they have the high-quality data needed for good decision-making.

CoBOS provides sophisticated analytics that automatically identify where performance improvements could be made to your operations. And it gives you confidence that you’re compliant with your regulatory requirements.

Business operating system workflow


  • CoBOS allows you to quickly define and run even highly complex business processes
  • It embeds fast and secure approval routines, fully compliant with your own scheme of delegated authority
  • Workflows can automatically generate custom data-rooms, providing your team with key inputs to decisions and capturing task outputs
  • Combining process definition with execution helps you to quickly demonstrate full compliance with all relevant regulations
Business performance


  • CoBOS provides real-time performance data on workflow execution, giving you the ability to respond instantly to emerging issues
  • It identifies potential threats such as task/workflow over-runs or missing data attestations
  • It also provides you with longer-term performance insight, such as mean duration of workflow and task completion, variance analysis and key-person risk
  • The platform automatically highlights where process optimisation might have most impact
Business data


  • CoBOS helps ensure that critical datasets are accurate, up to date and fit for purpose
  • It can map the datasets available across your organisation, measure their usage and help allocate costs correctly
  • It can identify supply chain risks, such as over-reliance upon a single data supplier
  • And it can also identify any under-utilised data sources that are an invisible but expensive addition to your cost base (dark data)
Business operating system governance


  • CoBOS gives you a top-down view of all controls embedded within your core processes, maps them against specific themes and identifies any gaps
  • Workflows and tables of authority are themselves protected from tampering and subject to regular attestation
  • Key data on every single task, approval and attestation is captured and stored in a secure audit log
  • All data-rooms and their contents are automatically securely archived for later analysis or audit inspection

Can CoBOS help you?

  • Are your key business processes well documented and does the reality of execution align with what is specified in those process maps?
  • Can you identify where your business operations are underperforming (in real-time) and take targeted action to improve performance?
  • Do you understand which datasets are critical to your business and which are under-utilised?
  • Are audits a relatively stress-free experience where you can easily demonstrate compliance across the full span of your operations?

If you have answered 'no' to any of the questions above then it's very likely CoBOS can make a significant improvement to your operations.